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Job Description
Company : Dohacareers
Job Id : 5ba9cc
Job Title : Permitting Specialist
Job Industry : Construction
Job Location :
Job Description :

To facilitate and ultimately achieve the granting of the necessary approvals/permits/NOCs from Abu Dhabi and other governmental authorities so that the STEP construction may proceed.Key Duties:
- Works with Programme engineers and governmental and other authorities to facilitate and achieve the granting of approvals, permits and non objection certificates (NOCs) for STEP investigations and construction.
- Meets and works with permitting and other governmental agencies to understand approval/permitting requirements.
- Takes initiative to get program engineers to understand the needs of the permitting authorities.
- Assembles drawings, letters and other documents/correspondence for submittal to governmental agencies and other stakeholders necessary to gain approvals.
- Maintains records of all permitting related submittals and responses.
- Maintains stakeholder contact log.
- Maintains records of all commitments made in associated with permits.
- Undertakes other tasks as assigned by the Planning and Permitting Manager.
- Success means that permits/approvals/NOCs are granted so STEP construction may proceed.

Employment Status : No preference
Employment Type : No preference
Monthly Salary Range : $
Start Date :
Career Level : Mid Career
Years of Experience : 3
Skills :

- BS in Planning, Engineering, or related discipline.
- 3 to 5 years experience on permitting aspects of infrastructure projects in the UAE.
- Fluent in Arabic and English.
- Substantial experience working with regulatory and permitting agencies in UAE.
- Experience with environmental analysis desirable.
- Good organization skills and experience preparing permit applications.

<br /><br />Three to five years experience on permitting aspects of infrastructure projects in the UAE.


Residence Location :
Gender : No preference
Nationality :
Education :
Degree :
Contact Info : Confidential


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